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Angry Birds Space Edition

by on Mar.27, 2012, under Apple

I know what you are thinking, I can hear the thought process rolling around inside your’ head!! What on earth has this to do with an IT Support Company? You would be right in thinking that but i decided to have a twist on our normal blog posts and break the tradition, break the mould and go for something everyone will appreciate.

Angry Birds has a completely different meaning in the Glaswegian urban dictionary but we won’t hang on this thought, we will instead swiftly move on to the game that’s sold to date more than half a billion copies across various platforms on various devices. I don’t think even the developers could have warranted the amount of success that has befallen them. This addictive and quirky game that allows the end user to throw a variety of birds (not the Glaswegian type) at all sorts of complicated and confusing structures. It’s hilarious fun and at times frustrating to beat the game, you will always get there but im sure there will be a few broken devices that have been thrown in anger.

So the latest incarnation of Angry Birds Space breaks from the usual earth based game and heads for the sky’s in a galaxy far far away………… Throwing all sorts of Birds that have been transported from earth in some sort of galactic black hole to take flight against the space piglets. Even writing that down makes it sound odd, I suppose that’s the joy of a game when it can be as absurd as it is and as popular as it’s become. Some new birds have been added to the game just to spice things up a bit, Laser Bird which is launched and then directed via a target and an Ice Bird which freezes anything it hits so the next impact is more more devastating.

How does the game compare to the earlier versions of Angry Bird? it’s different that’s for sure, in this carnation you get to play with bending atmospheres and circular gravity fields which makes the game that bit more tricky but just as enjoyable none the less. Trying to figure out how the flight path should be aimed and then the 10 minutes of frustration as you try and try again to complete the level. Some levels are too easy which means that you don’t really get the value out of the game but I suppose it’s aimed at all ages categories, I know this as my son Harry plays it more than me and I hasten to add with better success!! Often showing his Dad “look I finished this level” at just under four years old it’s not something I should admit but possibly it’s a sign of the times where computer use is just a given and not as it used to be an expensive hobby.

So to conclude the game is awesome fun as is the trademark of all the games produced by Rovio, I have it on my IPhone and on my IPad so that I can play it or more to the point so Harry can play it no matter where he is.

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Is it really the new IPad

by on Mar.16, 2012, under Apple


Okay let’s not beat around the bush with this one, is it really a new product to the countless army of Apple fans, myself included? No not really, let’s look at why I take this stance. If you get a new car and then a year later a new model comes out that’s a little faster but looks just like the old car, why would you upgrade. In all reality you wouldn’t and that’s the truth.

Today was the first time that I had my hands on the new IPad in the Glasgow Branch of the apple store, I went down with the intention of buying the new Tablet and coming back to the office to show off a little. I arrived at the store and walked directly to the area displaying the new IPad, i had to look closely to make sure that it was indeed the new IPad, it looked the same to me visually as the IPad2 and this was disturbing as we have been duped by Apple in sending out hardware That looks exactly like the last model. Come on Apple we spend enough on your products to at least change the design a tad. Why when they (Apple) are one of the most innovative companies in the world would they keep the design the same as the last model? It just feels cruel and you know in your’ heart of hearts that the next one will be a complete revamp that you will just have to buy. (Although how much can a tablet really change?)

So my chance came and I started to test the new IPad, at first glance the screen is a wonder. Bright, clear and shows images in such detail. Zoom in and you really see what Apple mean by retina display, speaking out of turn how often do we really need to zoom in that close on a tablet PC. Not that often at all.  Also from what I hear the majority of the games you may already own on the IPad 1 and 2 probably won’t be able to make use of this new retina display unless they update the app!

Games designed for the “the new IPad” look stunning and really smooth on the screen, no jitter, no stumbling or blocky graphics which is really nice on the eye. Being the way I am with the IPad I own, games don’t really interest me as that’s what the Xbox is for. I can’t be the voice of all the IPad customers and say no one will playing games but really on a small(ish) screen and having to tilt here there and everywhere to play just doesn’t float my boat.

Okay let’s look past the fact that the new model has power, is fast and has a superb screen. Hard as it is for anyone these days to splash hard earned pennies on what’s essentially an IPad2 with some new internals is it really worth the upgrade from the IPad2 to the new IPad3, it really is a hard sell, really hard sell. Will the Joe public really notice the increase in performance? Will they notice the zoom capability? Will they notice how much better the games are? The answer is
probably not.

Most Apple fans will shoot me down for this review but it’s my honest opinion, I still agree Apple use the best products and components, build them really well and have such good customer service in the stores that it would be hard to go anywhere else……………….please don’t dupe the customers but innovate like Steve taught you. Each model should visually stimulate and captivate the eye. It just looks the same………….

Will I buy one?  Hmm not sure, the price of the IPad 2 is down so I’ll need to think hard.  Also Windows 8 is on its way in a shiny new tablet form and as we provide IT Support to companies that will want them I may get one of them instead if they are as good as the hype suggests, especially if they look like the one posted on Francis’s First Windows 8 tablet blog.

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