5 Ways to Prevent Data Loss

Data loss can be disastrous for companies, resulting in a loss of revenue, irritating customers, and damaging the company reputation. It’s also a well known fact that 60% of companies who lose their data shut down within 6 months. That’s why in today’s blog we will focus on ways you can prevent data loss.

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Regular Back Up

Your data is one of your most valuable assets containing vital and sensitive information about clients, contracts, orders, not to mention information about your employees.
Although many companies see data backup as a priority in their daily schedule, we often find that on many occasions it gets overlooked, especially if you’re relying on a manual backup strategy – there are often days in a working week your company’s data isn’t recorded.

Don’t Use Tapes To Back Up

If your method of data backup involves tapes, then your company is seriously at risk of losing its data. Many businesses keep their backup tapes next to the server or backup unit which puts the information at risk from thieves. In fact, a large portion of data loss occurs through tapes that are lost or stolen.
Also, tapes that are stored on site are always at risk if there are any natural disasters such as fires or floods. Restoring a system via tape can be a longer process so there is a chance your downtime could reach between 3-4 days which can have a big impact on revenue and reputation.
There are many automatic backup alternatives to tape and cloud computing is a popular and more efficient alternative.

Email Security / Anti-Virus

Email security was in the spotlight in 2014 due to the iCloud hacking scandal and it’s still on the rise with businesses at risk from phishing, hacking, and virus spam. It’s important that you find a powerful email security and antivirus software to prevent malignant emails getting through.
CrytpoLocker was a recent virus that caused data loss through emails, with many users receiving emails from what looked like reliable companies, only to find that when they opened the attachment it encrypted all their data.

Encrypt Business Data

The majority of data tapes don’t encrypt your data, meaning anyone who obtains your tape whether lost or stolen will have full access to your information. It’s important that you consider new ways of Backup and Recovery that stores your information in a off site data centre, automatically encrypts and password protects all of your data.

Mobile Device Data Security

Companies need to consider mobile devices too when it comes to data loss prevention as many employees today will have laptops, tablets and smartphones. These devices can contain a goldmine of personal and company information.

We would advise you to utilise smartphones and tablets powered by Android and iOS devices by taking advantage of the hardware encryption – if the device is not unlocked using your password then all of the information on the phone is encrypted.

Android offers remote wipe and lock services for free with all their devices and iOS offers Find My iPhone features preventing people from erasing your device and re-activating your device.

For companies looking to truly protect their data, we would recommend storing the data locally and in at least two offsite data centres. It is also vital that your backup and recovery plan automatic backups your data to reduce the need for manual backup and ensure that all data is encrypted, so that any data breach will result in the data being unreadable.