Certum partner with HighNet to roll-out Gigabit Fibre broadband to Glasgow

Fibre optic network specialist CityFibre today unveiled plans to bring superfast broadband to Glasgow.

Inverness based ISP HighNet have penned a 10 year deal with CityFibre which will allow them to offer broadband speeds up to 100 times faster than the UK average. Certum as a premium IT services company in Glasgow city centre have entered into a strategic partnership with Highnet to assist with the rollout of the new service which up to 7,000 businesses in the city centre will be within “close reach” of. The roll-out will begin early 2016 and up to 15,000 businesses around Glasgow City Centre could stand to benefit once the full city wide rollout is complete.

As an IT services provider in Glasgow Certum understands how transformational this could be for businesses in Glasgow who to this point have struggled badly with internet connectivity where fast speeds are required, being forced to pay for costly leased line or EFM solutions.

HighNet’s Managing Director David Siegel said “This fantastic collaboration marks a step change in HighNet’s evolution as a business-to-business internet service provider and we are looking forward to providing Glasgow’s business sector with best-in-class connectivity upon which they can develop and grow their business. Access to high quality, high capacity internet capability can be truly transformational and we are delighted to be leading the charge in Glasgow. CityFibre’s track record in creating Gigabit cities is unparalleled and we are excited at the opportunities this partnership will create.”

This will open the way for more cost effective solutions to be utilised within businesses taking up the service such as:

  • Remote Working.

    Faster internet connectivity allows a workforce to be more flexible when it comes to remote working, allowing them to work from home a remote office location and be as productive as if they were in the office.  Offices without a fast internet provision have always struggled with remote working without spending large amounts each month on leased line or EFM solutions.
  • Cloud Services

    Without a good internet provision migrations to cost effective solutions such as Office 365 can be impossible for large organisations. Cost effective backup as a service solutions are also outwith most companies reach if they have large volumes of data. A lot of business now also utilise cloud based CRM packages such as salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics and without a reliable line it can mean that users are left twiddling their thumbs during an outage or slowdown of the line.  Cloud Services can enable a business to reduce the level of investment a business might need to make on IT services, hardware and software and a fast reliable line will facilitate this.

  • Communications

    Superfast broadband can revolutionise the way a business communicates with customers and colleagues. Telephony bills can plummet using a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system. These can range from basic systems like Skype to more sophisticated systems which enable the user to manage call routing and voicemail, the system can even be based in the cloud such as the Gamma horizon cloud VoIP system. Video conferencing can also now be utilised without any lag or jitters.

  • Faster Browsing

Other business benefits that may not transform the way a business operates but that will be greatly appreciated by everyone is faster internet browsing. The internet is used a lot in todays workplace and if users are taking 10 minutes to download a presentation or a piece of research that is time wasted, instead of taking 10 minutes imagine it could come down in 10 seconds. A faster internet connection can make your workforce much more productive.

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