Choosing The Right Cloud Service Provider


Moving your IT needs to a Cloud based service can improve the performance and scalability of your IT operations by giving you access to the power and capability of your cloud provider’s datacentre. However, price and performance in the cloud services industry are intertwined. Businesses must ensure their cloud provider can offer the standards of performance required for their business. This depends on your cloud provider’s hardware.

The majority of cloud servers run on hard disk drives that are perfect for the majority of businesses IT functions. However, if you’re a business running large sites with complex applications and processes it’s worth looking for a provider running their cloud servers on Solid State Disks instead of Hard Disk Drives. Solid State Disks can improve speed, reliability, and performance by up to 100 times that of a Hard Drive Disk server. It’s important to know the full requirements of your business.

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The essence of cloud computing is to provide a flexible and agile service that can change with the fluctuating demands of your business. When choosing your cloud provider it is important that they offer flexibility when selecting computer processing units, disk sizes and RAM to meet your needs, rather than offering fixed specifications packages that moderately meet your needs. Ensure that you have the capability to make the changes to your specifications yourself through a control panel or dashboard. If you have to call your service provider or there is a 24-48 hour delay in making changes then proceed with caution.

Reduce Costs

In the past, businesses had to invest in their own servers to host their IT operations or else they had to outsource their IT infrastructure to a hosting company that required lengthy contacts. This had an impact on businesses due to the large upfront capital costs as well as ongoing maintenance or getting tied into annual contracts. Also, both methods required the businesses to pay for the higher than required capacity levels.
Cloud computing services allow businesses to move to a pay-as-you-go IT support where they only pay for the services they use. This can dramatically reduce the stress that used to be associated with IT support whereby businesses had to anticipate growth and set capital aside to invest in new servers. The pay-as-you-go contract can improve profit margins and cash flow simultaneously. It’s important to ensure that your cloud provider isn’t a hosting company and there should be no fixed annual contracts.

Resilience and Reliability

Security, resilience and reliability are important aspects to consider when looking for a cloud provider. If you are an ecommerce company any loss in sales as a result of downtime can have detrimental effect on your business and this can still happen, even with the most sophisticated servers on the market. In some cases a more resilient approach is needed for your IT operations such as multiple servers in different locations. If one server experience problems then you have peace of mind that your site and all its input/output systems will still operate effectively.

Cloud computing is a natural step that all companies will take as it offers a flexible and affordable IT support infrastructure. It is important that businesses select a cloud provider who offers their business value by staying true to principles and values of cloud computing – reduced costs, flexibility and resilience.