Disaster Recovery Einstein Style

Einstein is often quoted – “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Sadly when business owners ask how safe their data is the response they generally get is not one that Einstein would approve of. Worse still, if the question is asked when there is an actual loss of service. However, the sketchy response is not about a lack of understanding of traditional solutions – it is about a lack of faith in the ability to recover data backups.

This is no longer necessary – disaster recovery can be simple and understandable when it just WORKS!Certum Cloud - Simple and Effective

It is astonishing how many businesses never test their ability to recover data. The software may report on data corruptions at the point of backup, however they do not report on the ability to recover the data or if you can recover the data at all.

  • What about the actual operational recovery time?
  • How long to get a replacement server?
  • How long to build the OS and apply service packs?
  • How long to reinstall applications and yet more service packs?

Then there’s the data recovery – time to get the pampers on!

For most organisations the backup and disaster recovery process is very much “hope for the best”. The more they delve into it, the more complicated and costly it becomes.

Now for the simple explanation:

  • Certum Cloud Disaster Recovery backs up everything – the operating system, applications and the data. Certum Cloud confirms the system as recoverable.
  • In the event of a disaster call or email Certum and we will spin up your systems in the cloud. Your business systems will be back online and working in less time than it takes to dig out your tape drives. Best of all – it is currently in use by a wide variety of businesses. It is simple and affordable!