Is Your Company Secure from Malware

The Ponemon Institute concluded its annual analysis of how well companies are dealing with cyber-attacks and this year announced that cyber-crime has increased by 10.4% on the previous year.

So today we are going to look at ways companies can safeguard themselves from a malware attack. We have seen a rise in clients requiring malware removal services and believe that prevention is the key to reduce the stress and downtime that occurs at the removal stage.


Use The Business Version of Your Anti-Virus protection

If you are looking to safeguard your company from malware you could install a copy of your preferred Anti-Virus software on your PCs. This would involve a manual install on each computer and time for training employees on its functionality.

This is a cost effective option that gives companies a reasonable amount of protection but it is susceptible to human error. Employees may disable their anti-virus software if it’s getting in their way.

We would always recommend installing a business edition of your preferred anti-virus package as it provides extra protection and functionality such as browsing protection and a firewall. They also come with a central management system that allows you to administer your preferred settings over your network, view detailed reports, and access your company’s PC remotely to resolve any issues.

In many cases the cost per installation can sometimes be cheaper for business editions depending on your company requirements.

Anti- Spam Protection

Email is still one of business’s biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to malware. There are many server and desktop solutions available but we would always recommend moving to cloud based protection.

Cloud based anti-spam solutions have the following benefits -

  • highly effective as it can handle spikes in spam volume
  • less expensive due to cost per user subscription plan
  • save disk space as the quarantine folder is stored in the cloud
  • reduce server resources as only clean emails are processed

If you are currently on a desktop anti-spam protection then consider moving to a cloud based system for an improved performance and increased security.

Software Security Updates

It is important that you keep up to date with software updates – we would recommend doing this for operating systems, browsers, and business productivity software.

Although these installs will be marketed as performance improvements in many cases these can include fixing any security vulnerabilities from the previous versions. Once these update and installed they will improve the security and reliability of your system.

At Certum we believe that prevention is the key to building a robust and secure IT infrastructure. If you have been infected by malware before getting a chance to implement our prevention recommendations then we have a team of IT professionals that are here to help. Contact Us Today.