Is your IT infrastructure ready for the zombie apocalypse

Imagine your offices completely inaccessible and your staff turned into mindless zombies, sure the last part might be desirable for some businesses, but here at Certum we understand that every business is different and drooling zombies don’t suit every business model.

Once the zombies die off due to heart disease after consuming too much fatty food and the barrel of your executive shotgun has cooled down you’re going to want to get your business back up and running, but your office is a ruin and your staff may or may not have recovered (depending if you like them or not), so what are you going to do?

I know what you are thinking; a zombie apocalypse isn’t too likely, I bet the first person to turn into a zombie thought the same, but even so if you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse you’re prepared for most things that life (or the afterlife) could throw at you.

You can’t get to your office or your off site backup tapes? No problem, we’ve got your backups stored in the cloud – in a zombie proof, highly redundant data centre.

You can’t get on your companies network to access your meetings and your appointments? No problem, with our hosted exchange you can access your emails anywhere in the world without needing to worry about connecting up to a VPN so you can keep all your appointments even if your client is a drooling corpse.

You had to decapitate your IT guy with a chainsaw? No problem, come to the number one IT Support Company in Glasgow – Certum, our engineers are all very much alive and are well equipped to fight off zombies and other undead.

So your email, appointments, server and IT support are all sorted, but what about all your digital photos that you just downloaded to your work laptop before your mother in law tried to eat your brains? They weren’t important enough to be included in your server backup, but fortunately when we setup your new laptop we set up your important directories to sync through our file service so you can access them on your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet and desktop, but when granny decides to eat your shins you’ve also got a full six months version history stored on The Cloud which can be accessed anywhere in the world – even on the roof of a shopping centre (internet access may be required)!

You might be asking yourself why you’ve just read a blog post on the zombie apocalypse from an IT support company, but each and every one of us has a little voice in the back of our heads that quietly asks “What if…?” and that’s the question you should always be thinking when it comes to disaster recovery.

If you do not currently have a documented and tested disaster recovery plan then get in touch and see if we can help you out.