Technology Provider – Scotty Vs Q

Scotty Vs Q – Who do you want leading your IT strategy?

Scotty made for great TV…the tense build up to the do or die moment when the USS Enterprise systems would either save the day or would blow the ship apart.

Q by contrast almost magically recognised the issues that James Bond would be facing on his latest mission and had the technology in play before the mission started.

Many IT Departments and IT support companies have developed in the Scotty mode. They are engineers that maintain the status quo and fix things when they break.

Q is a great example of technology as an enabler. He and his team developed technology to enable their agents in the field. They used technology to give their agents an edge over their competitors.

A modern IT Department / support company combines the best of Scotty and Q. They are dependable in a crisis. They can sweat your assets and reuse your existing IT investments to maximise performance. However, they will also be an asset to your business. They will be proactive, utilising available technology to avoid the do or die crisis. They will understand your business and bring you technical solutions to enable commercial advantage. They will help the wider business understand the advantages of the technology implemented to maximise the performance and commercial asset being delivered.

IT done badly delivers stress for business. IT done proactively delivers genuine business advantage.