Windows 10 – Are You Really Upgrading Your World

It’s been just over a week since Windows 10 was launched and we have been testing the new features to find out if you are really upgrading your world.

Microsoft has labelled the Windows 10 operating system as their “best Windows ever”. So we thought it was only right to put the new operating system to the test. Below we have highlighted the newest features that can be found in the new operating system.

The Return of the Start Menu

 Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows have reintroduced a new advanced Start Menu that will leave traditional Microsoft enthusiasts overjoyed. Since Microsoft removed the Start Menu from Windows 8 there has been no shortage of users venting their frustrations. Now it has been reinstated and improved for a superior experience. The overbearing tiles from Windows 8 are now more subtle and only appear at the side of the start Menu.

Windows Hello

Windows 10 Hello

Windows have created a technology called Windows Hello that can identify and log you you’re your OS using an iris scanner or fingerprint ID. Here Windows is bringing excitement and increased security to the essential yet mundane task of logging into a computer. With the need for longer and more advanced passwords in today’s digital age a simple application of biometrics can dramatically reduce the time it takes to access your computer.

Edge Browser

Windows 10 Edge Brower

Microsoft Edge is the only browser that allows you to take notes and highlight content directly on webpages and share with your work colleagues.The new Edge Browser offers a productive and personal experience while surfing the web. You can now search directly from the address bar and you’ll get search suggestion, instant results and your browsing history from the one place.

The new browser also lets you save articles or content that you want to read at a later date.

Meet Cortana – Your Personal Assistant

 Windows 10 Cortana

Windows 10 is in many ways a step back to the ways things used to be which will delight users. The new concepts that Windows have been trying to incorporate are still present but are understated. This leaves users with a PC operating system that is familiar, easy to use, with some helpful and innovation additions that make this new operating system a welcome upgrade.Windows have introduced Cortana to the world, a voice-driven assistant helping you perform your tasks faster and easier. Ask Cortana works via voice recognition, similar to Google Now and Siri, but you can also highlight a word or phrase and right click to select Ask Cortana to find out more information on topics you are researching.