You Don’t Need to be a Carpenter to Know You’ve Got a Wobbly Table

IT underpins business performance. If the performance of your IT systems is poor it is a clear indicator of underlying issues. If I sit down in a restaurant and the table is wobbly my mind leaps to concerns that this poor level of attention to detail, care and consumer experience might be reflected in the kitchen and not just front of house.

Whenever I hear someone talk of IT performance issues in their business I have a good idea that the back end of their IT systems will be like a poorly run kitchen you might find on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Carpenter Table 300X200

Just as Gordon Ramsay finds cooked meats mixed with fresh meat on fridge shelves, and fur covered sauces made months ago that have been left to fester, when a business tells us about performance issues we know we will find security issues, data protection issues and availability issues and a significant chance of a disaster scenario being on the horizon for that business.

Fast approaching my official grumpy old man period of life one of my favourite quotes is from Sam Johnson – “You may abuse a tragedy, though you cannot write one. You may scold a carpenter who has made you a bad table, though you cannot make a table. It is not your trade to make tables.”

When businesses know that their IT is “wobbly”, they are right to slate their IT support company. The solution to a wobbly table is pretty obvious to a restaurant owner. For a business owner understanding their IT infrastructure’s underlying issues is not always so straightforward.

So if your IT performance is harming the productivity of your staff and you’re fed up telling your IT support company that your IT infrastructure is “wobbly” and needs to be fixed… what should you do? Simples – Certum has a 4-phase process that will transform your IT from “wobbly” to Michelin Star excellence.

Certum Four Phase Support Take-on

Certum Four Phase Support Take On 300X189

Following this proven process Certum customers benefit from highly available, secure, performance optimised IT infrastructures.