H1 Healthcare is a leading provider of recruitment, training and healthcare services to clients throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and the Gulf region. As H1 opened new offices in new regions and countries, they needed a way to ensure that everyone had access to centralised applications and data while securely retaining that sensitive data in house.



Previously all the IT infrastructure had been spread across locations dependent on function and resources; the first thing Certum did was consolidate all these resources within the Scottish HQ and implement fast leased line technology for access to these resources.  We then implemented an RDS farm and published access to all in house applications to remote workers operating in Australia, the Gulf region and India.  At the same time we moved H1’s in house exchange server into Certum’s secure hosted exchange platform.



H1 Healthcare workers now all have access to fast centralised resources regardless of location or country. All data and applications are backed up from the one place into the Certum data center and in the event of a disaster, H1 can utilise Certum’s VDR technology, ensuring the business can continue to operate after a disastrous event.

Alan, H1’s group financial director can now paddle his canoe, confident in the knowledge that all aspects of IT are safe and secure in Certum’s capable hands.

 Alan H1