Solutions Driven

Solutions Driven were in need of a change to their outsourced IT Support due to consistent re-occurring issues

Solutions Driven work with their customers to research, locate, attract and then successfully on-board “top talent”. Working with the latest technology, search techniques and candidate analytics means that year after year they successfully deliver some of the most challenging international recruitment projects to their clients.

Solutions Driven invited Certum to propose a support and maintenance solution which would encompass their existing infrastructure and resolve the ongoing issues they had been experiencing with their current IT outsource partner. Solutions Driven understands that technology is disrupting the recruitment business significantly and as such had invested heavily in the latest services and techniques to find the right candidates for their clients.

Unfortunately after this investment they still found that their IT infrastructure was consistently causing issues trying to run the new services and their existing IT support partner could not resolve the problems. Response times were slow and the same faults kept cropping up time after time affecting the solutions driven staff from performing their tasks effectively and quickly.



Certums support proposal was successful and our initial goals were to stabilise the network and try to get to the root of the recurring issues. We quickly found that the domain configuration was overly complicated and that there was under spec’d network equipment and faulty ports. We tidied up the configuration and swapped out some of the key networking equipment, we then contracted a third party cabling company to test and resolve issues with faulty network points. Once the networking and domain issues were resolved we then began concentrating on the workstations as this is where we believed the true issues were lying and that the network problems were simply exasperating these underlying problems.
The majority of the workstations were under specification for what the new software services required to run. We tested running the software under a high spec i7, SSD workstation and there were no problems running from this environment. We liaised with the software provider to determine the correct spec of machine for the processes the solutions driven team were running and solutions driven committed to swapping out their desktop and laptop infrastructure to facilitate the running of their new services.



Certum continue to support Solutions Driven and advise them on any changes undertaken as they continue to grow and expand. Currently we are planning their move to new premises which will see them double their available space. Recurring issues have stopped and the team is now more productive than ever which in turn is driving their continued growth.