Quiz Time: Your current IT Services partner

Are you getting value from your current IT Services partner? Do you know what they should and should not be doing for you? Take our quiz and find out!

What is the average first response time to support requests?
How quickly on average are your problems resolved and your support ticket closed?
Is your problem usually resolved on first contact?
Is your IT services provider partnered with Microsoft and if so at what level?
Do you receive regular reports on how your IT services provider is performing in line with your service agreement? In other words do you have full transparancy into your IT issues and how they are dealt with?
Does your IT services provider monitor your network and devices 24/7 365?
From a top score of 5 how satisfied are you with how your service requests are dealt with?
Does your IT service provider liaise with your other software and hardware vendors for quick resolution of issues?
How often can you see your technical account manager?
Do you receive regular advice on which technologies you should implement to help you achieve your business goals?
Is your IT service provider ISO 27001 certified?

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