10 Questions to Ask about your Disaster Recovery and Backup Strategy

Certum are specialists in data protection. We have put together some questions that any business should ask about their internal data protection strategy.
Questions to ask about your backup and disaster recovery strategy:

1.Are your backup windows driving your DR strategy?

We can eliminate your back up windows – we can deliver a solution that allows you to set your recovery point objectives based on business need and not the limitations of your infrastructure.

2. Is testing your backup and recovery strategy disruptive to your business?

We can automatically confirm the mountability of your backups. We can also spin up your systems in a cloud VM proving your DR strategy.

3. How quickly can you recover your business systems in the event of a disaster?

We can have you back up and running in minutes.

4. What is your Recovery Time Objective (RTO)?

Most businesses need to guess at this. They need to order new hardware, reinstall operating systems and updates, reinstall applications and updates and then install the backed up data. We can reduce RTO from days and hours to minutes. Our solution backs up your Operating System, Applications and Data – we just spin them up in a VM in our cloud.

5. Can you backup and recover your physical servers to a virtual server and vice versa?

We can! Physical (P) to virtual (V) server, P to P, V to V, V to P.

6. Can you recover a single file?

We can recover a single file, email, etc within seconds. We provide full granular recovery rather than having to recover entire backups.

7. Are your backups secure?

Most businesses now require offsite data backups for compliance or insurance? Where are your tapes or external drives being stored? Are you backing up to the cloud in the USA (NSA)? We secure your backups in the cloud in our Scottish data centre.

8. Does your current backup strategy require significant storage?

We can reduce your storage by up to 80% using the latest deduplication technologies. Your backup is de-duplicated reducing your storage requirements.

9. How reliable is your backup target?

Any mechanical target has a certain amount of risk. Tape backups are slow, degrade and top the unreliability charts. External HDD are single point of failures – if you backup at 5pm a HDD failure can cost you two days business. We use 2-tier backup with an onsite backup to disk replicated to our high availability cluster in the cloud.

10. Do you tell your customers about how good your Data Protection strategy is?

Certum Cloud Continuity customers do! They value their data protection strategy as a selling point to their customers.

If you answered these questions affirmatively then there is a good chance that you are already a Certum Cloud Continuity customer.