5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

An in-house IT infrastructure versus an outsourced IT infrastructure is a discussion that continues throughout the business and IT world – even though most business owners find outsourcing their IT needs more effective. IT outsourcing can include hardware, software, cloud computing, and database management. In this blog, we will discuss the five key benefits of outsourcing your IT Support requirements rather than managing them in-house.

Better Talent

Finding the most talented and knowledgeable IT specialists for your company can be an exhausting and laborious process – advertising the position, collating and filtering through applications, interviewing potential candidates and lastly, training and educating your new employee on your company values and processes. After they start their new position there is the monitoring stage – making sure they are integrating with their colleagues and living up to their application. This is a time consuming process that can be avoided by outsourcing your IT requirements. IT support companies service a diverse range of businesses in countless industries – making it their priority to hire the most competent professionals in the industry to excel in this fast paced and ever changing IT support industry. Staff employed by an IT support company will have all the imperative accreditation and a proven track record within the industry ensuring the best talent are servicing your IT requirements.

Time Management

Building and maintaining your own in-house IT support department can be time consuming; monitoring, maintaining and making key decisions on your systems and software to ensure they are future proof. Researching and information gathering can be time consuming when an upgrade is due:

  • How often should I backup my data?
  • What software should I upgrade to?
  • Is my software and my hardware compatible?

These are important questions that must be answered and any misguided decisions can prove costly for the company and decrease productivity. These are decisions that are best left to IT specialists who make informed decisions like these every day and are fully aware of the options available within the marketplace. We can guide you on what setup will maximise the potential of your business to develop growth.

Lower Costs

The cost of recruiting and preserving a knowledgeable IT department can be precarious, especially for a SME business. There is also the initial capital investment for the hardware, and through time there is costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the equipment. These regular upgrades are due to the fast paced nature of the IT sector and technological advancements. These upgrades can cost your company thousands of pounds in capital and that is not to mention software upgrades. Outsourcing your IT support limits your capital investment thanks to the introduction of cloud computing services for SME businesses.

State of the Art Technology

Utilising advancements in technology can give your company the competitive advantage. There will be times when software and hardware upgrades are essential, and ignoring out of date technology can cause problems with the efficiency of your business operations. This results in more money and time spent on IT infrastructure and less time focusing on expanding your business.

Increased Security

Security is one of the major issues surrounding IT support. All companies using in-house IT support will have security procedures in place to ensure their company data does not end up in the wrong hands. We often find that in-house IT security is not as secure as one would expect due to the large overhead costs required to implement this effectively. Instead, in-house companies prefer to use a third party software as a way of securing their company information which can be ineffective and leave their data open to a breach. By outsourcing your IT support your company information will be secure as the majority of IT support businesses use the most advanced security systems for software and hardware. In many instances employees are responsible for disclosing company information to competitors and keeping our data from employees can also reduce the chances of a breach.

Today’s technology is advancing at a frightening pace and it can be difficult and time consuming to manage your IT functions in-house. By outsourcing your IT requirements you will save time and money to focus your energy on expanding your business. An outsourced IT company will offer expertise, lower overhead costs and way of continually improving your IT infrastructure.