5 Tips for Planning a Successful Office Move

An office move can be as stressful as moving house! So make sure you read through our list of tips to help make the move a success.

Let Everyone Know You’re Moving

From clients to utilities to phone lines and internet providers; everyone needs plenty of warning. Assign one person the task and have them liaise with all departments, especially accounts. The last thing you will need a few days before the move is to find out your internet connection isn’t live or you’ve no phone lines. Worst yet, a client showing up at your old office for a meeting.

Label and Inventory Everything

As an IT support company we always make sure our clients IT equipment is labelled correctly as it saves us no end of time and hassle at the other end. The same goes for everything else in your office and if packers are doing the move for you make sure everything is properly labelled. This ensures everything goes where it is supposed to first time. Making an inventory of everything will also make sure you know everything has arrived safe and sound at your new place.

Backup Your Data and Systems Before You Go

This is a no brainer really. You don’t know what might happen; loss or damage is always a possibility and a headache you don’t need so make sure you have reliable, restorable offsite backup before you move.

Unpacking is as Important as Packing

You don’t want a lot of boxes lying about for months, you want to enjoy your new surroundings and get back to work! If boxes aren’t unpacked you may not be able to find important documents, or the kettle! So make sure you have a proper unpacking plan in place.

Crack Open the Bubbly

Celebrate your office move, invite important clients and perhaps some local businesses you would like as clients to christen the new office, do some networking with your neighbours, they may just want your service or product.