Certum join forces with their clients in a dragon boat race for charity

Certum and H1 Healthcare have built a great business relationship over the years. So much so that we invite each other to events and regularly share a coffee as we are both based in Glasgow city centre as a welcome distraction to stressful days.

One of the most recent events that H1 invited Certum to join was the Bobath Dragon boat race, I have to admit it’s a superb charity with superb values providing therapy to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy. Alan MacKenzie being the type of person he is decided to sponsor the event and invite us in to his team. At first I was a little apprehensive being that the race was on the choppy waters of Loch Lomond and I haven’t ever been in a dragon boat. Like most things that involve adventure I was game and decided to put a team forward.

Unfortunately on the day of the race it was called off due to bad weather. The date it was rescheduled for a few weeks later wasn't great for neither H1 or Certum due to holidays and other commitments so we couldn't quite get the numbers we needed to make us a force to be reckoned with on the water, it was for a good cause however so we all got our sailors hats on and headed up to loch Lomond.

You always hear the old saying in Glasgow “it’s a small world” and on this day it proved to be true, as I was walking down to see the boats I heard a “hello Mr Wilson” I turned to see one of our support clients' just employment law, managing director David McCrae waving at me. We stood and chatted for a while and discussed how we were a bit short on numbers and could we even race with the small numbers in the teams and such large boats....

Registration opened and Alan from H1 Healthcare exuberantly jogged down to the meet the team from Bobath, on the way back up the hill I could see from the look on his face that he was excited. For good reason too! H1 Healthcare, Certum Ltd and Just Employment Law had been merged in to a single team. Now why didn’t I think of that? Truth be told Just Employment Law probably had enough to race a boat on their own but we sure made up the numbers.

First race we got a complete and utter thumping, I don’t think anyone could actually keep the boat in rhythm for the amount of water we sent flying on to our team mates behind us. The competing team beat us by a country mile so something had to be done to win the next race.

Race number two, we changed around the team order in the boat and the impact was immediate, the race was on, the water was flying everywhere, everyone was soaked and we narrowly lost the race...

Race number three and through all the wet clothes and sore limbs we set of strong in what was becoming rather choppy water. This time things were different and the hybrid team pulled out a victory. Delighted and thinking we're out of the races now due to the first two defeats we were ready for home.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise, even though our first two races were defeats the times that the team finished the races in was enough to pop us in to the semi-finals. Jubilant and ready to race all the way to the final we set off back to the boat

We were lined up for the final race so the pressure was on, hearts pumping, limbs still sore, cold, wet but sure as hell ready to race. Getting off to a good start we kept up with the other two dragon boats, I’m still not sure if our adrenalin ran out but we started to slow down a bit and crossed the line as third on the podium. Delighted and knackered at the same time.

I was a little shocked at the end up of the day when we received medals for our third place podium finish. Bobath really pulled out all the stops to make the day a very special one indeed.

Of course I have to admit that both H1 Healthcare and Certum were a little unprepared for the event the guys at Just Employment Law really made us feel loved. They welcomed us in to their tent and offered us lunch, refreshments and of course some good old fashioned banter. So for the Just Employment Team thanks for the kindness shown on the day, it was very much appreciated and welcomed.

Bobath is such a magnificent charity doing the hard work and helping families affected by Cerebral Palsy, if you have the time to offer some support please do.